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Now you are ready for the second, or Reintroduction phase of the Immune Power Diet—the stage in which you systematically reintroduce specific foods into your diet to learn if any of these foods cause reactions. You will have become vastly more sensitive to the signals your body is sending you, and it is crucial in this phase, to listen acutely to those signals.

Most of us aren't in the habit of listening closely to the information our bodies are constantly sending us. A twinge here, an ache there, slight soreness or creakiness in a joint, a rumbling in your tummy, a slight fever… we get hundreds of such hints every day. Unfortunately, we rarely pay attention until they get so loud—a strained back, say, or a raging temperature—that we can no longer ignore them.


Try this exercise. Take a moment to feel what your body is telling you right now. You're probably sitting in a chair as you read this. Feel your lower back. Is there muscle strain? Is your neck relaxed or tense? Do your eyes ache just a bit? Does your stomach feel tight or heavy?

You must now be a careful observer of the signals your body sends as you challenge it by reintroducing, one at a time, the Sinister Seven foods. These challenge symptoms can take the same variety of forms as the food allergy symptoms I listed earlier—which makes sense because they are one and the same.

But whatever form they take, you will recognize them when they happen. You must assume that anything wrong you feel during this period is due to the danger foods you have eaten—particularly if you have not experienced the symptoms in the preceding 21-day elimination phase.

Follow this pattern throughout the Reintroduction phase of the diet: every other day eat the target food from the Sinister Seven for that day. Eat it three times. You can use the recipes and serving suggestions I provide in section II, or not, depending on your taste. But the essential thing is to eat this particular food three times on those days. This will be a sufficient amount to elicit any response you might have. Challenge for one day, observe for one day, then change to another target food from the Sinister Seven list. Continue this way, introducing a new food every forty-eight hours, and observing your reactions, until you have reintroduced all of the Sinister Seven foods back into your diet. At the end of that two-week period, you will be able to pinpoint the foods you are specifically sensitive to. You will have a list of those foods which cause severe reactions, which cause weak reactions, and which are harmless.

You will now be able to customize your diet to avoid your own immune danger foods. But the Immune Power Diet is completely flexible so that it fits perfectly with your own immune needs. Obviously, if you observe a consistent problem with a certain food, even though it may not be frequent or common danger food for others, you must avoid it.

Depending on the degree of improvement in your overall health, you may decide that you want to try isolating other, less common danger foods you feel might be causing problems. You now have the tools to do it. Now that you have achieved a high level of immune efficiency you can use the same eliminate/reintroduce principle whenever you want to test for immune-toxic responses you may have to other specific foods.