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That's where the IQ comes in. I'm not talking here about your Intelligence Quotient—what people usually mean by "IQ"—but an even more important kind of IQ: your Immune Quotient. (I say even more important because it doesn't matter how intelligent you are if you don't have the health and vitality to use and enjoy that intelligence.)

The Immune Quotient (IQ) is a new and remarkable way to determine the status of your immune health. It is based on your personal diet, exercise, stress, and life-style factors. It includes all the elements that can affect immune health to enable you to draw a composite picture of your immune status.

The Immune Quotient is concerned with both the components that help your immune cells and those factors such as masked food allergies and adverse aspects in your life-style (smoking, too much alcohol, an unhealthy work environment, etc.) that may be damaging your immune system.

In short, your Immune Quotient will give you a profile of the things you can control. This is an IQ that you can improve, demonstrably and dramatically. You can, in effect, make your immune system "smarter" by strengthening every aspect of it.