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According to Dr. Maria Simonson, once men have lost weight they tend to keep it off. Women worry more about their weight and know more about calories. But they are also more likely to fall prey to crash diets and crazy schemes that promise fast, but not long-term, weight loss. Men are more successful because:

  • The weight loss process was satisfying. Because a man can eat so much food and keep his weight steady, he usually does not feel deprived and therefore lives a comfortable and lighter life-style. Maintenance for a woman is often such a difficult task, she can't help but splurge or relax herself into the next size.
  • Men get positive feedback from being thinner. Women like to look "good" for certain events, then tend to let themselves go, and gain weight back. Men lose to lose.
  • Male body composition is in their favor.
  • Men who add exercise and/or sports to their life-style are more likely to stick to an exercise program than women are. Many men work for companies that pay them to exercise.
  • Doctors report that of their patients who lose twenty or more pounds, men have a better chance of keeping the weight off than women.