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Amino Acids are the nutrients derived from protein. They provide our body with its flesh and blood. They are the body's building blocks. Amino acids build our muscles, blood, skin, hair and nails, and even our internal organs, such as the heart and the brain.

Amino acids are highly versatile. After completing their role as building blocks, they have the potential of going one step further and becoming glucose, the blood sugar that provides energy. You'll remember that amino acids wind up in your bloodstream to be used as the body's building blocks. Once the body has decided it's had enough, it turns the leftovers into glucose. Amino acids are the only nutrient that can perform two functions. They become both body builders and, much later, energy. This energy is inefficient because it's slow and unpredictable, therefore inferior.

Before your body turns back the amino acids so they can be transformed into glucose, it makes sure that each and every cell has had its fill. If you've got a big body, it's going to keep each and every little cell fed and nourished to maintain your size. When you lose weight, those cells are not eliminated. They simply shrink, ever-poised to plump back up into fat

The energy that is derived from protein at the end of that process is, by necessity, diluted. Think about it. When was the last time you had high energy on a high-protein diet? You see, the protein stays in your stomach anywhere from four to twelve hours, undergoing twelve digestive steps, and only then is it absorbed into your bloodstream. First your body picks and chooses what it needs to replenish itself and does so. Then the amino acids are reshuffled and used.